Free WordPress Installation & Setup Service

Are you looking for a FREE WordPress Installation & Setup Service?

If so, I have great news for you!

Free WordPress Installation & Setup Service

Small Business Web Hosting Reviews is offering a unique opportunity for people of all backgrounds to get their own blog or website while avoiding any technical frustration and painful experiences that come with setting up a web property.

Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring entrepreneur, we can get your site setup fast and hassle free. We also provide in-depth guides and tutorials to help you get the most out of your web hosting account and WordPress.

“I heard it is easy to install WordPress nowadays so why do I require your help?”

First of all, WordPress is a fantastic CMS (Content Management System) and works right out of the box, but in order to make your website user and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, faster and more secure, you need to make sure everything is configured properly.

It is not as easy as you might think to get the right configuration and is one of the main reasons why people fail to make it past the first hurdle.

From my experiences, I found that some WordPress templates are a nightmare to configure properly and always have some kind of problem, especially when it comes to plugin compatibility.

This is why it is important to have a solid theme that’s coded well and without errors.

Setting everything up properly (especially for beginners) can be a daunting task, to say the least. This is why I created this amazing service to help more people get on the ladder.

For the average user with no technical background on how to install WordPress, mentioning things such as cPanel, FTP & MySQL is like speaking Chinese to an English person.

Because of the technological barrier, many aspiring bloggers and businesses never get started or pay way over the odds to have a web developer do it for them.

If you’re in this situation we can help!

We not only break the entry barrier to enable beginners to get started right away but also do all the ground work and tedious tasks so you don’t have to.



  • You can create content right away
  • You don’t have to hire a web designer
  • You won’t waste time tinkering with settings
  • You will have more time to focus on branding & marketing

I’m sure by now you’re thinking …


Where is the sign-up button!!!

It is really easy to get started and our three-step process is very simple to follow. We will have you up and running within a few hours (if all is in order).

But before we get into how you can claim your free WordPress Installation, let’s go through what you will be receiving as part of our free WordPress blog setup service.


Free WordPress Installation Service Overview

Here’s an overview of what you get with our free WordPress blog setup service.

  • Installation of WordPress.
  • Free Website Theme/Template/Design (Install & Setup).
  • The Configuration of Settings.
  • Up to 15 plugins Installed & Fully Configured.

If the overview has peaked your interest wait until you read the full list of features below.


What is & Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress Logo

Up to this point, we assume that you actually know what WordPress is and most if not all of its features.

But there will be some who don’t know or understand so I will explain it now.

WordPress is a simple yet complex open source software that allows users to build and create professional blogs and websites. It is super simple to use and one of the most robust blogging and content management systems available.

It can be used in a number of ways with the use of extra plugins and themes. You can do things such as create your own shop with WooCommerce, a forum with bbPress, a business directory or anything you desire.

Another great thing about the platform is that it allows web developers to create their own themes and plugins with an extensive resource library for coders. With WordPress, the possibilities are endless.


Why Choose WordPress?

You should choose WordPress because:

  • It’s open source and free with no upfront or ongoing costs.
  • Very easy to learn and use with a massive community of developers.
  • Fully customisable with thousands of free plugins and themes.
  • Fast loading, SEO friendly and with support for mobile.
  • Secure and regularly updated.

Now without further ado, here is what you will actually be receiving as part of our free WordPress installation service.


Full List of Features & Perks That Come with Your Free WordPress Setup

WordPress Installation:

WordPress InstallationThe latest version of WordPress CMS is installed on your new hosting account. We create your admin name and password (can be changed later on) and give you clear login instructions.

If you already have a website on another host, we can simply migrate (move WordPress) all the website files & database to the new host.


Choosing a Design/Theme:

wordpress-themes-designWe know our stuff when it comes to templates and designs. Our team will work to your requests and will choose a suitable theme based on your requirements.

Most templates are free if you search the WordPress repository.

If you would like to purchase a premium theme and have it installed by us that is fine. We highly recommend that you check out ThemeForest. They have the largest selection (10,000 plus themes) of low-cost and professional WordPress templates.


WordPress Setting Configuration:

wordpress-settingsOur web developers will ensure you have the best configuration by adjusting settings such as comments, permalinks, reading and writing.

These settings are important as they change the way people interact with your site and how it is displayed.

If you have a business website we will make sure your site displays a separate blog to the business as it looks much more professional.


Plugin Installation & Configuration:

wordpress-pluginsTo get the most out of your WordPress blog or website you need the right plugins in order for your website to be successful. They are required for a number of reasons including, but not limited to site speed, security, and SEO.

We install and configure 10 of the best WordPress plugins that make your website load faster, more secure, fully optimised for Google and more.


Plugins Included:

Speed Optimisation Plugins:

  • W3 Total Cache – We install caching to ensure your site is optimised for speed.
  • Smush – We add image compression and optimisation for even greater speeds.


SEO Plugins:

  • Yoast SEO – We install and configure Yoast to make your site rank higher in Google.


Security Plugins:

  • Wordfence Security – We install and configure Wordfence to protect and secure your site from malicious software and hackers.
  • WPS Hide Login – We install and configure WPS Hide Login to change the login page URL as a further security precaution.
  • WP SpamShield – We install and configure WP SpamShield to eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, registration spam and contact form spam without the use of captchas.


Backup Plugins:

  • UpdraftPlus – We install and configure UpdraftPlus backup and restore. This plugin enables full file and database backups which can be sent to Dropbox and Google Drive.


Interaction Plugins:

  • Contact Form 7 – We install and configure a contact form and place it on the contact page so potential customers can contact you via email.
  • MailMunch – We install and configure MailMunch allowing you to grow your email list.
  • Social Share Buttons – We add social sharing buttons to your posts and pages.


Bonus Plugins: (take it or leave them)

  • KK Star Ratings – We can add star ratings so visitors can rate your posts and pages.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard – We can add your tracking id in Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy – Easily create a TOS and privacy page.
  • Shortcodes Ultimate – Gives you the ability to create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders and much more
  • Envira Gallery Lite – Lets you create responsive lightbox photo and video galleries.

If you require premium plugins for your project we suggest you check out CodeCanyon. They have over 5000 professionally coded plugins that can be used in a number of instances such as E-Commerce, Utilities, Add Ons, Social Networking, Widgets, Galleries and more.


Extras and Perks Included

SBWHR not only provides you with a ton of value but also gives you loads of extras and perks that are only available through our free WordPress installation service.

What extras and perks do I get?

  • Professional E-Mail Setup – We will create and setup your webmail account (such as [email protected]) and setup it up in your website contact form.
  • Keyword Research – We will research the best keywords for your target market or niche.
  • 3 Unique Pages Created (Home, About & Contact) – Our web development and copywriting team will make 3 unique pages with 50 words of content and 1 image per page based on your requirements.
  • Basic SEO – We will perform basic SEO on your sites title and image tags, descriptions and keywords for your pages.
  • Speed Optimisation – We will get your website scoring high on GTmetrix, PageSpeed and YSlow.
  • How to Guides & Training – We have detailed how to guides and free training material to help you learn the basics of using WordPress. We also include links to other useful sites so you can make quicker progress.
  • 24/7 E-mail Support – If you’re having trouble with WordPress or we missed something in your setup, let us know by email and we will respond promptly.


Round Up

Let’s round up everything to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting …

  • Installation of WordPress.
  • Free Website Theme/Template/Design (Install & Setup).
  • The Configuration of Settings.
  • Up to 15 plugins Installed & Fully Configured.
  • Professional E-mail Setup
  • Simple Keyword Research
  • 3 Unique Pages for Your Site
  • Implementation of basic SEO
  • High Optimisation Score on GTmetrix
  • Free How to Guides & Training Material
  • Dedicated Support & Expert Advice

“SBWHR takes pride in helping people from walks of all life to achieve their desires, dreams, ambitions and goals. We have helped many small businesses from all over the world to get started with WordPress and would be more than happy to do the same for you.”


How Do I Qualify for Free WordPress Installation & Setup?

As with anything in life, nothing is ever truly free (at least in the case of renting space from a web hosting company).

I bet you’re all probably wondering …


What’s the catch?

If you think about it for a moment, there actually isn’t one.

In order to get your website live and on Google, you will have to purchase a hosting package so your website files have somewhere to live.

We have partnerships with some of the largest and most reputable hosting companies all over the world and each time we refer a new customer to them we receive a small reward.

As you would be required to sign up for a hosting plan anyway, you aren’t actually spending anything to get our service.

It’s a Win-Win-Win situation!

  • You get a stunning and fully configured blog or website
  • The hosting company gets a new customer
  • I receive a small reward for my efforts

Everyone is qualified for our free installation service. You just have to make sure you are a new customer (never used their service) to the hosting provider of your choice, otherwise, we won’t be rewarded for our hard work.


How Do I Get Started?

We have made it super simple to get started. Just follow our simple to follow, three-step process and your site could be live within a few hours.


1: Choose a Hosting Plan

The first step to receiving your free WordPress installation is choosing a hosting plan from the selection below. From there you will have to enter your personal details and choose a payment method to complete your order.

Before you go ahead and register you MUST delete all cookies and data from your web browser to ensure we are getting credited for the signup. Just click on the link, image or button to register with one of the five hosting providers as part of our deal.

If you don’t know how to clear your history, cookies and data please visit the links provided below:

Mobile: iPhone and Android.

Computer: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.


Service Requirements:


  • Clear all cookies and data from your web browser before clicking on the link!


You must NOT:

  • Be an existing customer of the hosting provider you choose!
  • Use any external coupons that are not attached to our deal!


Warning – If you do not follow the requirements above you will NOT qualify for our free WordPress installation and setup service.


A: SiteGround


Sign-up to SiteGround Web Hosting.

SiteGround is our no1 choice when it comes to hosting WordPress sites because of its security features and blazing fast servers. Nearly all of the websites we tested loaded in just over a second and under 1 second for the GoGeek Plan. They provide 24/7 support, which is one of the best in the industry and is highly recommended for WordPress users. Join today through us and get 60% off any plan.

Click Here for SiteGround Setup

B: InMotion Hosting


Sign-up to InMotion Hosting.

InMotion hosting is a huge U.S. hosting provider and is best known for providing business class hosting. They are A+ accredited on BBB with unmatched 24/7 support. Server uptime is great and I’ve never personally experienced downtime with their service. It is a perfect platform for WordPress and business websites.

Click Here for InMotion Hosting Setup

C: Bluehost


Sign-up to Bluehost Web Hosting.

Bluehost are web hosting veterans with over 21 years of experience in the hosting industry and are well known for providing top value when it comes to WordPress hosting. They provide lots of tools to make it easy for small businesses and can be implemented with your install. Support can be contacted 24/7 by phone, email and live chat so you always get a fast response.

Click Here for Bluehost Setup

D: A2 Hosting


Sign-up to A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting is a highly trusted hosting provider dating back to 2001. it’s the fastest hosting company we have tested and got website load times of 361ms on average. Their service is fantastic WordPress users and is a must for users that need the fastest possible servers. You don’t have to worry about getting hacked with HackScan, 24/7 security monitoring and you also get free website migrations to transfer your website your new host.

Click Here for A2 Hosting Setup

E: HostGator


Sign-up to HostGator Web Hosting.

HostGator is another giant in the web hosting industry and has offices all across the U.S. They provide a great service by making it affordable and easy for new customers to build a website. They have a good support team, decent server speeds and boasts 99.9% up-time. The only downside is the lack of non-us servers which is why they are bottom of the list.

Click Here for HostGator Setup


2: Fill Out the Request Form

Now fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. The more we understand about your requirements the faster we can complete the project.

Please paste your receipt from the hosting provider. This will be the email that you will receive right after you successfully purchase the web hosting. We need to know the date of your signup and the domain you used for the signup so we can start creating your blog right away.
Can be changed once your project is complete.


3: Sit Back and Relax

Once you have completed the two steps above you can sit back and relax while our team of experts takes care of everything. Your blog or website could be ready in just a few short hours If everything is in order.


Setup Q&A’s

Q: Is there a WordPress installation service cost?

A: No! it’s a totally free service on our part.

Q: How is it possible you provide a free service If there’s no charge for setup?

A: We have partnerships with all the hosting companies listed on our website and receive a small reward for each new customer we refer to them.

Q: Do you need access to my hosting account?

A: YES! We require access to your account so we can install WordPress.

Q: Is your service safe and secure?

A: YES! We do not store any of your personal details and delete them after the setup is complete. Don’t worry, we will give you detailed instructions on how to change your password and we will no longer have access to the site.

Q: How long does it take before my site is complete?

A: We try to complete all orders within a few hours after receiving your hosting purchase receipt but please allow up to 48 hours in case of back logs.

Q: Do you configure my WordPress settings?

A: YES! We will install and properly configure your settings which make things super easy for you. Some of these include comments, permalinks and how your website is displayed (blog or business setup).

Q: I already have a WordPress theme, can this be used?

A: Yes! We can install any theme you desire as long as you have purchased it.

Q: Do you provide theme customisation?

A: No! We do not make any changes to your chosen themes backend code as it would take a huge amount of time.

Q: Will my website be responsive and mobile friendly?

A: Yes! A responsive design is crucial for mobile visitors and rankings in Google, that’s why all of the themes we choose are mobile friendly.

Q: Can I choose which plugins I want or required installed?

A: You can tick the boxes for what plugins you require or require in the contact form.

Q: Will my website be efficient and load fast?

A: YES! We make sure your website is blazing fast by directing you to the best hosting providers such as SiteGround and by adding properly configured caching solutions and image compression plugins.

Q: Is my site going to be SEO and Google Friendly?

A: YES! We install an SEO plugin and fully configure everything. This means you won’t have any duplicate content or canonical issues.

Q: Do your free WordPress installation service include content creation for my blog or website?

A: Yes! Our web design team and copy writers will create 3 simple pages (Home, About & Contact) to give you a head start.

Q: Would you be able to insert pictures into my pages?

A: Sure. We will include up to 3 images (1 per page) in your blog or website. Just send them to us along with the rest of your details in the contact form.


WordPress Hosting & Setup Support

If you are unsure about anything on this page or you need help to register your hosting account, simply send us a message on the contact form by clicking here.

Or use the live chat located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen and we will get back to inquires about free WordPress installation.


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We install and setup your WordPress blog or website for free. All you have to do is register with one of our hosting partners and to receive our free WordPress installation service.

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