My Story (About My History of Working Online)

My Story - About me and my history working online

Me on Vacation in Barcelona.

Salutations my fellow webmasters and welcome to SBWHR!

My name is Connor John and I’m the author and creator of this marvellous hosting review website.

It is a collaboration of my personal experiences, thoughts and opinions, mostly based on trial and error, hard work and dedication.

On my site, I teach you many things about web hosting in general and give you great advice and guidance for finding the perfect web host for your small business.

Now, I bet you’re thinking:

Who is Conner John and how is he qualified to tell me about the pros and cons of website hosting?

For me to explain this as clear and concise as possible, it made perfect sense to share some information about me.

By the end of reading my story, you will understand why you can trust me and why I’m a credible source when it comes to choosing a web hosting company …


My Story: Background & History

As you may have already read on my home page, I am an online marketing expert and entrepreneur from London and also the owner of multiple business and web properties, but this wasn’t always the case.

Before I even knew what the internet was all about, and how I could leverage the power of the net to make money, I was a hard-working individual doing as many jobs as I could manage to pay the bills. I worked mainly in construction as a labourer performing hard graft for many different tradesmen all over London.

I would literally start my regular job at 8 in the morning, finish at 5 in the afternoon and go straight to my night job which could be miles in the opposite direction ☹.

Life was tough!

It was a constant battle trying to get through each day, travelling miles and dealing with arrogant bosses who never done a real day’s work in their life!

Most of the time I would feel undervalued and unappreciated by many of the companies I worked with and I began to question why I even bother to carry on.

Even though I worked two jobs, my low wages (£285 a week for 60+ hours work) just didn’t cut the mustard and I found myself consistently moving from one room share to the next with great uncertainty of my future.

This just made me want to wave the white flag, lay down and quit. I always remember how miserable I was because I was not getting the respect that I felt I deserved and craved for.

I didn’t have any real skills or qualifications so this put me in the worst position and left me without a leg to stand on when it came to appraisals and more importantly, a pay rise.

Something inside me just said there must be a better way where I can live more comfortably without sacrificing everything to build someone else’s future.

“I’ve never been one to sit about idle and I still am today constantly looking for alternative ways to make money (be it from a new idea, local business or the internet).”

When I first came across the idea of running a business and being my own boss, I was genuinely intrigued. Imagine if I could set my own hours and work routine, not have to travel long distances and most importantly make more money.

Through my own intuition, I knew right away that is was possible and armed with the right information and skill set, I could actually make things happen.

One word always stuck in my head.

Perseverance …

It was from this moment I decided I was going to do it for real and started devising ways to put my ideas and thoughts into action.

I started writing everything down EVERYWHERE I went …

You would catch me writing in my trusty little notepad when I awoke, while having breakfast, on the bus to work, on my lunch break, while I was shopping and even while I was on the toilet ????.

Eventually, I had this massive conglomeration of words and ideas that would ultimately turn into my first business.

Who would have thought that a simple notepad I used to carry in my pocket would bring me so far! ????.


My Story: Gaining Experience, Skills & New Perspectives on Life

Now that I had my first idea down I was highly motivated and determined to see my thoughts and dreams get put into action. I was on my way, setting off on a new adventure, like Christopher Columbus navigating his way through uncharted territory.

But before I get into how it all got pieced together, I would like to point out the origin of my first idea.

I’ve always had a fascination with computers ever since I was a little kid. I used to make my own 2D side scrolling video games with a program called “Klik N Play”. You could literally make amazing games with no coding experience necessary; the only limit was your imagination.

My mother used to build PC computers from scratch and I used to sit and watch her build them from the base up. She would let me help out occasionally and see if I could do it myself without any assistance from her.

For me, it came naturally and a few months down the line I was able to put a whole computer together in under 30 minutes (pretty impressive I’d say, at least for a 12-year-old!).

Once it was ready we would and install the operating system and test everything before boxing the machine and shipping it off to its new home.

As my first love was building and fixing computers, I thought why not build my own PC repair business. I could do something I love while being my own boss.

It was a fantastic idea for me at the time …

The only problem was I had never run a business before, let alone had any experience dealing with any customers, writing invoices and everything else that comes with running a business.

While I had written down many things in my notepad that was essential for carrying out the work such as a tool kit and anti-static wrist band. I still wasn’t sure how I would go about setting everything up or even how to advertise the business.

Renting my own space (shop) was defiantly out of the question as the fees were astronomical, but I would still need a base where I could operate from.

For the next few weeks, I was just gathering my thoughts, wondering how I could make it a reality. That’s when I spoke to a good friend of mine and he said: “why don’t you get your own website?”.

He went to say I know lots of people with their own website and pointed me in the direction of a web design company.

To me it made perfect sense:

But the only problem facing me was I really did not want to, nor did I have the capital to invest in a good design. There were a few companies at the time offering web design and development but the costs were high.

To be frank, the designs of most of these companies were mediocre and I knew I could do a better job myself if I had the right skills and knowledge.

I started scouring the web for how I could make my own website: These were the days when Google was in its infancy and Yahoo was still the king of search.

Eventually, I found some good resources on building a website with HTML and CSS and learned as much as I could on the two topics. I would literally get home from work about 10 pm, have something to eat, shower, then dive right in and study till 1 am the next day!

After three months of studying and fully immersing myself in web design, I was ready to start building out my own website. Notepad on Windows XP was my go to tool for getting the code down and but I wasn’t sure of how, where or what I required to display my website.

Digging around a little more, I found out that I would need a domain name and a web hosting account if I was going to publish my website on the web.

I remember seeing an advert on Yahoo from GoDaddy offering a discount for a domain name and a simple hosting package. It was a relatively small investment of only $35 for the year, so naturally, I jumped at the offer.

Shortly after, I realised that I would require knowledge of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload my website files to my hosting account.

It was pretty easy to understand and the only thing I needed was the hosting provider’s server name, my user name and password which was easy to find inside my hosting account.

Using notepad was tedious and the formatting used to get muddled up regularly. This made it extremely difficult as I didn’t even know what code indentation was at the time and began searching for better and easier ways to accomplish my goal.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a great piece of software called Dreamweaver 2004. From here I could build out my site, perform testing and upload the site, all from the same location.

Dreamweaver was a little pricey, but I thought It was a much better investment than getting someone else to build my site. For a one-time fee, I could build as many sites as I desired.

Armed with my knowledge of HTML, CSS and the basics of hosting, I began building out the site.

I planned everything out on paper first like the overall structure of the site, what pages I would build and how people would contact me for my services.

The site took a while to build but came out fantastic for the time. It was a lot better than most of the sites in my target industry

The only thing I need to brush up on was my terrible English! Thankfully all I required was Microsoft Word and its lousy spelling and grammar checker to compensate for that ????.

Now I had everything set: my website was built, I had all my tools, a contact number and personal business cards, I was finally making progress and ready to get my business out there.

At this moment, I felt a certain euphoria, but deep down I knew that this was only half the battle and I still had a long way to go …

Like many people trying to get online and build their first business, I started out with virtually no experience of running a business, building websites, hosting platforms, marketing, even writing in general, but this never dissuaded me.

If my business was going to succeed I would need to build a customer base or have some way of people finding my business. I thought of several ways I could market and drive customers to my business and didn’t really find any of them that great.

Advertising in my local paper and distributing flyers were defiantly viable options but I knew this would be expensive and not the greatest methods if I wanted to survive and prosper.

This is the time I started reading about Search Engine Optimisation. I had heard of the term SEO before but never actually knew what it did or meant.

There were all kinds of things involved like Market Research, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimisation and Off-Page Optimisation (Link Building).

It was basically free advertising if you knew all the tricks to get to the first page. I knew from then that learning this unique skill set would give me an edge over all of my competitors, especially those with poorly designed and written websites.

I fully immersed myself and learned everything I could about Search Engine Optimisation. If I could learn to build websites in 3 months then I could certainly learn SEO. However, it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

I remember when I was first starting out with SEO. The amount of jargon that was being taught was “Unbelievably Incredible” to say the least.

There was so much garbage out there and many misconceptions to what actually worked, I nearly gave up trying to learn it a dozen times.

Anyway, I kept my head down, carried on working my usual 8 am till 9 pm hours and implement the knowledge I had learned from SEO into my PC repair website.

From this moment forward, I’ve never looked back …


My Story: Building My First Business

“If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door”

Quoted By: Milton Berle


Building my first business was one of the most memorable times of my life. I remember how excited I was. Everything was in place and the only thing left to do was build up my rankings in the search engines, market my brand and start driving traffic to my business.

I got some business cards and flyers made by a friend of mine who was into graphic design and he also made me a fantastic logo for my company.

The first few months didn’t return any results but I expected as much. I wasn’t deterred by this and kept plugging away. I wrote some great articles to help people with the basics of using windows, how to remove viruses from your computer and various guides for PC maintenance.

I also started advertising in my local newspapers and paid a flyer distribution company to post the ones I had created all around my local vicinity.

Within a few days of me doing this, I had a few calls but nothing sequential. The next week I got a call from a person who was having issues with their PC. They wanted me to come over and inspect their computer to identify the cause as to why it was running so slow.

Since I was offering a no fix no fee it made my offer very appealing as some people would charge you without fixing the problem at hand.

Without hesitation, I booked them an appointment in my diary for the next day and made sure I had all of my tools and software cd’s in my repair bag, as well as an, ironed and pressed work uniform.

I couldn’t believe it, I was ecstatically astounded! My first real potential customer who was interested in my service. I remember telling my mother about the good news and we laughed when she said: “Just don’t quit your day job”.

The day of the appointment I arrived early as I wanted to be seen as a professional and not some grubby workman with a poor attitude to work.

Before I got a chance to knock on the door, the customer was already outside cleaning his car. I introduced myself and he was gratefully expecting me. He invited me into his home and we sat down and had a cup of coffee.

He began to explain that he was not that tech savvy but knew there was something wrong with his computer.

As I was looking into the possible cause of the issue, I immediately noticed unwanted popups and labelled the cause as a virus infection. I installed my anti-virus and spyware programs, ran a test and was surprised by the number of viruses plaguing his system.

In total, he had over 1000 viruses and many other unwanted spyware programs attacking his computers resources. I removed all the bad stuff from his system and restarted the machine. It was running normally again and even faster than before.

When I was finished, I gave him some advice on the best anti-virus programs and ways to protect his machine from future attacks. He was literally gobsmacked and praised me for a job well done.

After the job was complete we shook hands and he paid the fee we agreed over the phone. I just made £65 for 45 minutes work. I thought to myself, imagine I could do 8 jobs like this a day, I would be making £2600 for only five days’ work.

It was from that moment I decided I was going to turn my passion into a full time living and quit my job. I picked up the phone and rang both companies I worked for and let them know I was leaving and to my surprise, they were sad to see me go.

Everyone I knew (including my family members) thought I was crazy when I said I was quitting my job to venture into my own business, and told me to stick to my regular job.

I was so hell-bent on making things happen I ignored the advice of all my family and friends. I devoted all of my time towards my business and believed it was the right choice.

As the weeks went by I was getting lots of interest in my business and my website was starting to slowly climb the ranks. I began getting regular (about 1-3 a day) calls and started visiting many customers with troubled computers. By the end of the month, I grossed over £1500 for my services.

My results were phenomenal and I amassed over £22,000 in profit for just over 3 months. I had a good business model with a lot of repeat and loyal customers. I also learned a lot about business, organisation and book keeping.

Times were good.

My spirits were high, my hard work was paying off and for the first time in my life, I actually believed in myself.

I honestly felt invincible – nothing could stand in my way and I could handle any challenge thrown at me.

Boy was I wrong …

I was so far ahead of myself I forgot the most important rule of business!

NEVER put all of your eggs in one basket!

I’ve always been one to keep searching for new ideas and better ways of making money but I got lazy and wasn’t trying my best. I was making decent money and didn’t feel I need to advertise or update my website anymore.

Not only that I got slapped with a penalty for spam.

I hired an SEO guy to build links for my site and made the mistake of not even bothering to check his work. I was only interested in the results and they were good. That was all that counted in my mind.

The good steady flow of traffic that I worked hard to accumulate just vanished. I went from receiving 1000 visitors a month to zero in the drop of a hat.

Calls started to dwindle and went from 20 a day to about 5 a week and most of these were only prospects. Eventually, the phone stopped ringing altogether and my business was in a downward spiral.

Once again, I found myself on the verge of giving up but looked back at the times when times were even harder and I certainly didn’t want to go back to making £285 a week.

I thought if I could make it this far (especially from where I started) I can keep going no matter the circumstances.

Luckily for me, I put a large part of my capital into my saving account for a rainy day. I could still survive for a few months, eat and pay the bills, (which was all I was concerned about at the time) until I get things back to normal.

Since I knew a lot about search engine optimisation and the inner workings I was sure I could fix things and get my website rankings back.

Once again, I began advertising in the usual places (local papers, flyer distribution) and requested all of the links built by the person I hired to do my SEO. Luckily for me, they documented each link built on a spreadsheet and I could easily find each one and request the removal by the site owner.

I was truly shocked by the number of low-quality links that were built as I had paid good money for the service. It also showed me how many people were getting ripped off by SEO Company’s, especially people that didn’t have a clue about SEO.

All in all, it was a hard lesson to learn but it did spark an idea in my head. From that moment, I vowed to always check the work of anyone I hired to stop this from ever happening again.

Eventually, I got my rankings back, the phone was ringing and I was back in business! However, I did notice that it was never the same and I was only getting about half the business I used to.

To be perfectly honest, I was just happy to get back to work and really concentrated my efforts on the business.

All was good in the world for the next few months but something was eating away inside of me and I just couldn’t put my finger on it …

Work was still tedious and I found myself doing more than I had hoped from what I originally set out to gain. I still had to get up extra early, travel between jobs, deal with fussy customers and work on the site when I got home.

Instead of being a fun venture, doing something that I loved, it started to become a burden and a constant chore, forever playing catch up.

From the amount of time it took to fix a person’s computer, invoicing customers, building links, writing content, interviewing jobs applications, while still finding the time to eat, bathe and sleep, I began to see my world around me crumbling.

I found myself becoming depressed and was unable to cope with the ever-growing work load and everyday stresses of running your own business, along with the fact that my social life was virtually non-existent.

For the next few months, I would turn up late for appointments, forget my tools and sometimes not even show up. I would constantly lock myself away from the outside world, playing video games to escape the harsh nature of reality.

It was a pretty low time for me and I had to pull myself together before I fell too deep down the rabbit hole. Eventually, I came to my senses and went back to the drawing board.

I thought to myself …

What if I could use all of the skills I have learned on my journeys and put them to use in another and more profitable venture.

A venture where I would not have to sacrifice everything and make more time for my friends and family.

I got great satisfaction from building websites, writing content, doing SEO and so why not make a full-time business out of it?

After all, I could work from home, set my own hours, there was no travel involved and I would still be my own boss.

It was one of those eureka moments!

I found new light and direction and was more determined than ever to get things off the ground. As I found from my previous venture, less is more, especially when it came to web development.

This was the birth and beginning of my new journey …


My Story: Web Design, Content Writing, & SEO

Getting back control of my life and coming to terms with my emotions, I was on the road to enlightenment, but I had to make a choice and stick with it.

It was time to either go hard or just quit because living off my saving wasn’t feasible and I certainly did not want to move back into my mother’s house.

I had a vision:

New insights, targets, goals, focus and a dream. What if I could make my dream another person’s reality?

Imagine I could make a difference to people’s lives by helping them build their brand, business and web presence just like I had done for myself?

All it would take is the right planning, mentality, work ethic, and a little bit of luck. I knew it was achievable and I never questioned my skills for trying to accomplish what I set out to do.

I figured that there was a big market for local businesses in terms of promoting their products and services since I had run my own PC repair company.

What if I could find companies that already had a website, but simply required a re-design and higher rankings in the search engines in order to make them profitable or grow their business even further?

It made me cringe when I saw big SEO companies under delivering and in most cases, outright spamming their client’s websites to make a quick buck. These were the same so-called “SEO professionals” that almost destroyed my first business.

At first, I thought about building a website that provides web design, content writing, and SEO all under the same hood, but knew how long this would take and to be frank, I did not have that kind of time to wait for returns.

I needed a way where I could go out and make things happen for little, to no investment.

That’s when I came up with an ingenious plan …

Why don’t I take a look in the search engine to see what I could find?

From what I found, there were lots of companies with mediocre websites on the first and second page of Google and Yahoo.

Most of the websites would only require a little TLC and they could be ranking higher without much effort on my part. I could charge them for a re-design, writing content and a monthly fee for my SEO efforts.

After contemplating on the idea for a couple of days, I went on to write down a list of all potential clients in various niches with their contact details and what was needed for their website in a spreadsheet.

The next day I went through my list of prospects and called each one, also emailing a few. The responses I was getting were not great.

Most businesses I called didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and many thought it was some sort of scam. I put this down to the lack of technical knowledge of most business owners.

Not one business responded to my emails (which was even a professional one) and I began to wonder where I was going wrong.

I thought it would be easy to promote my services, especially as they were a large part of any company’s success.

This was obviously a setback for me and was so frustrating at the time.

That’s when an old friend got in touch with me.

He began to explain that he owned and operated a tree surgery business (called GraftinGardeners) and was in need a decent website, but more importantly, was looking to build his traffic up.

Then he informed me that he already had a website and was hiring a guy in France to do his SEO. I asked him a few questions and we got the ball rolling so to speak.

We arranged to meet that weekend and it all went well. He offered me my own office space and a brand-new computer and said that I could start the following Monday.

The only things in my mind were:

I would have to travel a short distance to work and there was set hours from 8 am to 4 pm, which was what I was trying to avoid in the first place. Despite this, it did mean that I would have more time for family and friends and did not have the constraints of running a business.

The only thing I hated was not being my own boss, but as I need the work, passing on the offer would have been an unwise move.

He called me back the next day and I accepted the job.

Monday came quick and I got right to work. I analysed the website to spot potential areas where I could improve on and quickly found the whole site was a mess.

The design was poor, the content didn’t make sense, it and was running on a cheap CMS script.

Immediately after probing the site I called the owner and explained the deal. I went on to mention the list of problems and the options he had.

It was then we decided the best route would be to start from scratch. Looking at other great designs, I planned out a professional template and created it with Dreamweaver.

I also began to learn as much as I could about the arboricultural industry. I knew that was necessary as it was a specialist niche and I would need to know what I was talking about if it was going to succeed.

One site in particular that was ranking no1 for the main keyword (tree surgeons London) had done an amazing job with its SEO efforts.

By looking at his on-page optimisation I figured out that I can target a local district and rank for all of my service keywords on one page.

It was all a breeze:

I remember the days going so quick that the website was complete within a month and a half. It was over 150 pages, fully optimised and ready to start ranking. The next thing I had to audit the off-page optimisation.

This is where I could find potential weaknesses in his profile, such as spammy backlinks and identify new ranking opportunities.

Upon auditing the backlinks of the site, I found there was quite a few and that it already had a page rank of 2. The only problem was most of the links were from poorly written articles and many of the anchor texts didn’t match the content subject.

Seeing all of this information, I curiously asked the owner how much he was being charged for his SEO service? He showed me his website months expenses and I was stunned.

The guy that was doing the SEO for the site was charging him £1000 a month, and from what I could find was very little work. He was writing about 5-10 low-quality articles and placing them on spammy article directories and web 2.0’s with no page rank.

I explained to the owner that he was just wasting money and it could be put to better use in other areas. He liked the idea and shortly after stop hiring the SEO guy from France.

Now I was at the stage of building up the rankings, I needed a way to find out what was working for everyone else and began to spy on the top ten competitors.

I learned a great deal and found some of best keywords to target for the industry. Using a few SEO tools, I began to note all of the competitor’s backlinks in a simple spreadsheet until I got to page 10 of Google.

Working my magic, I wrote lots of quality articles and built hundreds of quality backlinks. 3 months down the line and the website was finally visitors and the ranking was slowly climbing up.

Come to the 5-month traffic was growing fast and constantly increasing. I remember the owner telling me he would have to shut down his business if the phone didn’t stop ringing as they were too busy.

By the end of the year, the site was ranking for thousands of search terms and especially for the district pages. You could literally type the Service + District, Service + Postcode, or the Service + District + Postcode and I would come up on the first page.

In fact, it was so good you could type the keywords in any order and it would come up in 1, 2 or 3 positions on the first page. It was a truly remarkable strategy which has gone on to help me in so many areas of local SEO.

Their business was growing at an extraordinary rate and went from £100,000 a year turnover to a colossal £750,000 per annum. This was only turnover, but they still made a hefty profit, and it was consistently increasing every year.

I went on to build GraftinGardeners more websites in the tree surgery niche and after two years I completely dominated the arboricultural industry for local searches in London.

I had an amazing time working for them and I took away some really good strategies from my findings, but I wanted to branch out and expand my horizons.

Armed with my new strategies, I decided I was going to start building websites for my own businesses and came up with some great ideas.

What if I could make these kinds of websites industry and charge a monthly fee to rent the whole website out? Or better yet, sell the job leads to businesses for a flat fee! Either option was amazing and this way I could be my own boss again.

Home improvement was a very lucrative industry as I witnessed first-hand, and was already researching potential niches where I could profit the most from.

My mind was made, I was going to try my hand at generating leads for local businesses and I’ve never looked back since.


My Story: To Lead or Not to Leave?

This is where things got exciting for me. I had come so far and seen the best (and worst) of it and was still standing.

I felt a great sense of achievement and was finally at the level where I could truly call myself an expert.

The ideas just kept coming and I was ready to make some serious profits.

Once again, I was ready to set off on a new adventure but there was one important thing to consider.

I was still working for GraftinGardeners and for me to be able to make things happen, I would have put all my time and effort into my new project.

Within this period, I contemplated on whether to leave or not and started weighing the pros and cons.

I could stay in a comfortable job and receive a weekly pay check or I could try my hand doing lead generation.

Using my intuition, I had come to a decision.

It was time to break the news to my employer …

Shortly after this, I went to visit the owner to let them know I was leaving. I explained that I would not have time to work on their websites anymore and they would have to find someone else.

The owner was pretty frustrated at the time and moaned about finding another person to fill the void.

After all, I had built and managed their entire website profile for over two and a half years and knew the ins and outs of their industry.

But I just thought to myself, a man of my skill set was only going to be constrained if I stayed working here.

So, I made it final and handed in my notice the following week.

With the one of me and a million of you mind set, I began my adventure.

Before I knew what lead generation was, I had already contemplated on the idea but couldn’t put it into context. Thankfully, through what I learned in local SEO and marketing it all started to make a lot more sense and I could create my own strategy and plan based on my knowledge.

Going over some numbers on my calculator I quickly realised the massive power of this new business model. If I got 5 leads a day for each website and sold those leads for £20 each (5 x 20), I would be making £300 a day for 3 websites.

Not bad, right?

Then I went on to calculate what 25 websites getting 15 quotes a day would amass to …

I could not believe my eyes ????.

£7500 a day.

This was absolutely insane!

It was a real life changing opportunity and totally possible if executed correctly. I just had to make this happen!

So, after jumping around the room like a mental patient just released from a psychiatric ward, I calmed down, drank a cup of coffee and began to think things over. I started creating plans of how I would accomplish this colossal task and the things I would require to make it a business.

From previous experience in running my own business, I realised that I would need a way of invoicing clients and collecting payments. I also factored in call tracking so I could tell where the leads were generated from, along with automated call reporting so clients knew how many leads they were getting each month.

I knew from the outset I would require some sort of platform to promote my services as it was a more professional approach. I decided to create a dedicated website which would bring more potential clients to me in the long run.

By this time, I had found a perfect solution for making websites and they were much easier and faster to build. Using a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress would enable me to combine a blog into any website and I could write some magnificent articles for content marketing purposes.

I searched for a domain and bought I installed WordPress, configured the plugins and built out the site. I knew it would take a while to rank but at least I had a base from where I could market my services.

Delving into market and keyword research, I found some great niches that were getting a good amount of targeted traffic. The three niches that caught my attention the most were plumbing, electricians and home renovations.

It would be easy for me to write the content for the sites as I had previous experience in the construction and home improvement industry.

Without delay I built three websites in those niches, targeting all areas of London. I then purchased some phone numbers and placed one on each site so I could redirect the calls to potential clients.

There wasn’t much difference in the way I was doing things either. I had pretty much used the same strategy as my previous employer’s websites with only minor tweaks and adjustments.

Now everything was in place and I could start ranking the websites.

As this would take a while to start seeing results I started looking at other forms of advertising where I could see faster results. From here I began testing other traffic avenues such as video and classified ads.

I went on to create some videos on YouTube and ads on sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist. The results surprisingly good and knew this would bring low but immediate results. At the end of the test, I calculated all the calls received and was averaging 3 leads a week per phone number.

I got 9 leads altogether but now needed to find the right buyers for them …

Just like when I was trying to promote my web design and SEO services, I created a list of businesses with their contact details but this time I also took note of companies advertising in AdWords.

Having previously failed in my last attempts in telemarketing my services, I knew I would have to devise some sort of plan or strategy if I was going to grab the businesses attention and turn them into buyers.

I came up with and wrote a fantastic sales script I would use when calling potential clients. The script was very simple but extremely effective and could be used alongside other marketing tactics to help seal the deal.

This is how the script looked back then:

“Hi, my name is Connor and I’m with EngageinBusiness, how are you today? I’m calling to let you know that we’re absolutely dominating Google search and generating 5 calls a day from customers in need of Plumbing services in London. We’d love to send the calls your way If you’d be interested in taking on a TON of new business?”

I was now ready to get on the phone and pitch my offer.

Working through my list of prospects, I got on the phone and called some plumbing and electrical companies. The response I was getting was much better, but it was still hard trying to convert these prospects into partners.

I used the same script every single time and if I got told no I would simply move on. Although I still haven’t closed any deals yet I knew I was on the right track and had to keep pressing forward.

The next day I got a few calls back from owners of companies who wanted to know more about my service.

After having a chat with a few owners, I began to explain how my service worked and why it was a perfect solution to securing more work for them. I also explained the benefits of my leads over conventional advertising methods such as AdWords.

I told them they would actually be receiving a phone call from a customer wanting a quote for a service, rather than a click to his website that may not lead to a call.

One my prospects was very intrigued by what I had to say and we worked out a plan for him there and then. He was very happy to pay £15 for each lead and I would send him up to 20 calls a week, invoicing him every two weeks.


I had just landed my first partner and honestly, I was exhilarated.

All I had to do now was redirect the calls to his phone number and he could begin receiving leads right away.

Three days later he got 8 new leads for his business and he was very satisfied. Of the 8 leads received he had secured two jobs for them. He called me later on that day and wanted to know more about ranking his website higher in Google.

I said to him I would be happy to take on the SEO for his website but I would require £1200 up front and £1000 a month thereafter until he was on the first page.

To my astonishment he accepted!

Not only did I make £120 for the 8 leads he received but an additional £1200 up front to rank his website.

During the next few months, I formed a strong relationship with that partner and worked on his website SEO and content strategy and achieved great results.

At the same time, I was still working on the ranking for my websites and they were beginning to bring in an ever-increasing amount of leads.

Before long I had amassed a high number of leads from my plumbing and home renovation websites and had over 10 partners who were all buying my leads.

The leads were so targeted and beneficial to businesses, my partners just could not get enough of them and were consistently asking me to supply them with a higher volume.

Ever since I have been consistently building websites in all kinds of industries and continue to build my client base every month.

It was one of the best times for me. I was making more money than I could ever imagine and wasn’t putting anywhere near the effort spent as on previous jobs.

I learned a load of new strategies on top of what I already knew and it also helped me by building up my confidence while talking to prospects over the phone.

Nowadays, I use a variety of advertising platforms such as AdWords, Facebook and even twitter ads, alongside my organic traffic to bring in a high number of leads for my partners.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways of generating leads and making money through the internet and this is one of the main reasons I got into affiliate marketing.

I will be updating my story soon and will include my story of how I got started in affiliate marketing.


Final Words

My aim is to help as many small business owners as possible to realise their dreams by providing a comprehensive resource for not only finding the best web host but great value and training in my written guides and video tutorials.

Hopefully, my story will inspire you to take action on your dreams and turn them into a reality!


Thanks for reading,

Conner John.